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The Secret Tattoo Style of Koreans

The hot weather is among us, especially with the hot summers of Korea. This is the time of year that gives people the chance to expose their body. Therefore the newest fad of “Tattoo Stickers” is becoming all the rage.

From fancy lettering to small caricatures, there are various kinds of Tattoo Stickers being made available for all people’s fashion senses and tastes. So, what exactly are tattoo stickers? They are not those simplistic stickers you can get from a children’s party favor bag or 25 cent machine, they are more advanced for the fashion-savvy adult! However, these tattoos are not just limited to the more daring, as they are even popular among many K-pop artists such as Girl’s Day, SHINee, and 4Minute’s Hyuna. Artists often apply them in unique areas such as their wrists, shoulders, necklines and legs, making their appearance more edgy.

Although tattoos are considered a bit scary or give off the wrong message of being a possible gang member in Korea, the Western trend of showing off skin and accenting tattoos is carrying over to the conservative country as well. Now that you feel confident and chose your design, it is time to make this bold piece standout. Tattoo Stickers are easy to apply and really create that wow-factor to any look. Furthermore, the tattoos can last 2 weeks or more over so when you first apply it. We recommend just before the vacation! These stylish productions are a must have on any vacation spot as the Tattoo Stickers compliment any beach style nicely. It can be easily applied by patting on the skin. In addition to stickers, there is also a make up stamp-typed one. Whenever you want, simply slap the make-up on to the desired area and voila, instantly tatted! It is, of course, another waterproof product, so do not worry, the tattoo can not be easily erased by water or even sweat. So whether you are at the gym, dancing in the club, or showing off your new style at the beach, your body and tattoo will remain the center of attention. What is even more pleasing is that tattoo stickers are not just for adults, some come in cute sticker designs and are a harmless product so that they are adaptable for children and can use it too.

Even when it comes to tattoos, Korea is still leading with all the latest fashion trends! With more designs and styles being made such as lace, cartoon characters like “Where’s Waldo” and even classic sayings like “Carpe Diem,” these tattoos aren’t invasive, bad for the skin and don’t leave a bad image to your general audience. You can mix and match without the real pain tattoos are paired with. You can order pairs and sticker sheets online and add this trend to your ensemble, in any season.

Chae Lee

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