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Helena Escalante Knows How to Write A Beautiful Bio

How one woman is helping people revamp their careers creating Bio’s that elevate their position, connecting disjointed elements of their journey, and bring them together in one beautiful Biography.

Helena Escalante

In these times of Covid, with millions of people getting laid off or furloughed, there is a lot of movement in the job market. Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. Hiring is happening, but not like the old days. People need to reinvent themselves and adapt to this new era.

Helena Escalante is a copywriter. She writes bio’s and content strategies for entrepreneurs, brands, authors, coaches and speakers who want to increase sales, create a stronger and larger following and eventually become leaders in their space. It can go from email newsletters to launching products or services and coaching others to create the most effective copy and content for achieving their goals.


Helena Escalantes in a Speaking Event

In my personal case, I’m always confused about my own career. I never know what to tell people! I’m a chef, but I’m also a journalist. I’m a spokesperson but I’m also a food stylist. I’m an author, and I’m also a TV host. Wait. Do I work in front or behind the camera? Did I mention I have a B.A in economics?

Escalante and I met a few years ago, and in a recent conversation, we created for ourselves an exciting exercise: Let’s write about each other. She would write a bio for me, and I would write an article about her. And so, we embarked in this fun writing adventure.

If you look at my website,, is it clear what my skills are?

Your Bio Is Not About You!

 “Most people think that your Bio is about you, but in reality, when you write a Bio, it all about what can you do for other people”, Escalante explained.

Especially now, when people are searching for new jobs, preparing resumes, and updating their Linked In profiles, Escalante noticed that everyone has a tendency to list the things they did, or where they studied as part of their bio. Sure, somehow your credentials need to be inserted, but they have to listed in a way that is part of a story, human enough to be relatable and relevant.

Confused no more!

Here are the first two paragraphs of the Bio she wrote for me:

“Rarely do we think of a Chef as a writer and editor. Or a speaker. Or a TV ambassador. Or a food stylist for high-end cooking magazines. Or a spokesperson for a healthy living campaign…

The possibilities are endless with Chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz who, literally and figuratively, can cook infinite possibilities for your brand in English, Spanish and Portuguese.”

The bio continued to another five short paragraphs. As I imagined, Escalante stitched together all the separate puzzle pieces of my career, and wrote a cohesive, elegant Bio about my work that I will update into my new website.

In this phrase: “… [she] can cook infinite possibilities for your brand in English, Spanish and Portuguese.” Notice how she converts what I do, into what I can for you.

My bio must have been easy for her. Other people can present challenging situations. For example, here is a delicious problem: When a person has incredible accolades and credentials, that bio might seem completely unattainable. She has a point: it is a delicious problem, but it is a problem.  Escalante suggests we always bring it to the human level, and not the credential level.

Of course, there is a time and a place for an awesome resume. And there are people who specialize in resume writing. But a bio is a completely different approach. Most websites have an “about” section, which is where the bio fits in.

“When people visit a website, they’re not there just to browse. They’re looking for an answer. They might be looking for a product, a service, or a talent that will solve an issue for them. Your bio is your biggest selling arm. It sells you even when you’re not there. Whether it’s 4am or 4pm, the Bio has to do the selling for you”, explained Escalante.

Helena Escalante Young Girl
Helena Escalante is an avid reader since a early age.

Born and raised in Mexico, Escalante grew up in a culture where it’s hard to brag about yourself and talk about the many wonderful things we are and do. She has always been an avid learner and passionate reader. “Books have been some of my best teachers and mentors”, she shares.

In 1994, Escalante moved to Texas to study at University of Texas at Austin, which was a fantastic experience. More than an academic education, it gave her a full immersion into the culture of the United States. It enabled her to learn, understand, and see first-hand so many things that no English teacher could have taught her in Mexico.

Entre Gurus


Fast forward 20 something years, Escalante is now a full-time writer, blogger, and connector. “I’m always sharing what I’m reading from business books. Friends and colleagues encouraged me to write these ideas in a blog, so that more people could benefit from my learnings. And that’s how Entre Gurus was born.

One browse through her blog and you’ll see that she is not kidding when she talks about sharing wisdom from books. She reads over 150 books a year and writes about them in a way that is casual and inviting. “It’s easier to write about books than it is to write about yourself”, Escalante laughed.

Today, Entre Gurus has readers from more than 200 countries and the best part has been the friends and acquaintances that she has made as a result of writing. Writing Bio’s and helping other people came organically from her blog. She too is putting all of her passions under one roof; reading books, writing about them, writing about the people she meets, connecting people, writing people’s Bio and speaking about business ideas—all under one name that needs no explanation: Helena Escalante is all herself under one beautiful Bio.

If you ‘d like to create or update your Bio, or if you’d like to form a group of entrepreneurs, executives, authors, coaches or speakers who could use Helena’s online coaching to help you with your copy and content, Escalante is the person you’re looking for. She will never brag about herself. So I’ll gladly do it for her.

You can reach out to Helena Escalante here.



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