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Amerena Cherries

If I had to use one word to brand Amerena Cherries it would simply be “rich.” Rich in color, rich in flavor and rich in scent, upon opening this simple yet decadent jar of cherries, I already knew I was in for a more than sweet experience.

First thing to catch my eye is the design and packaging of these wonderful cherries. It gives them a character and separates them among the other products lining the shelves. I adore its Asian influence and unique take on fusing italian script on traditional Chinese designs. I even saved the jar once I finished using it for holding other items in my kitchen.

Let’s kill the anticipation and get straight to the taste. Even when I first opened it, my curious mother was drawn to the scent. She exclaimed “This reminds me of the sweet flavors of my childhood,” as these cherries sit in a more organic syrup and won’t be tainted by the sugary pickled cherries we are used to in ice-cream shops. I agree, because I am a person who enjoys sweet flavors and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had a taste of these little beauties on their own, and like I was told, I enjoyed everything from the easy to chew soft center and the rich syrup dancing on my tongue! I knew exactly what I had to mix it in and with right there. I know they are encouraged to be placed upon rich desserts and savory Italian meats and dishes but I couldn’t resist dabbling into something more simple and creative. From mixing it with my greek yogurts, cream of wheat cereals, coffee and even as a topping/filling for pancakes, like any cherry, they combinations are limitless but the guilt is nowhere to be found when indulging in every bite! My favorite combination was with oats and cream. I not only enjoyed that it sweetens this warming breakfast classic without having to add sugar, but it also transforms into this bright hue of pink and purple which just makes it more fun to eat. If you simply add the syrup to any pancake mix, you can have a lightly sweetened pink pancake, too!

Overall, these cherries are packing a punch in the flavor department. It is definitely a product that lives to the saying “You get what you pay for,” because Amarena cherries goes this distance in quality and flavor. It is worth the experience.

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