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American Cut Bar & Grill: The New Face of 5 Star Dining

With steak being an American favorite for centuries, finding the perfect place to serve it is another journey in itself. Don’t be plagued by trial and error any longer as there is only one spot to send your taste buds on a journey while indulging in some fine ambience as well.

With steak being an American favorite for centuries, finding the perfect place to serve it is another journey in itself. Don’t be plagued by trial and error any longer as there is only one spot to send your taste buds on a journey while indulging in some fine ambiance as well.

Conquering New Jersey Territory

The American Cut Bar & Grill has paved its way throughout the U.S., being regarded as one of the finest establishments that is known for crafting some delicious steaks, savory seafood, and heavenly desserts. Now establishment is are calling Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey their new home!

Believe it or not, this location marks the group’s first foray into New Jersey and will serve as it’s second location of the American Cut Bar &Grill concept helmed by Chef Marc Forgione. American Cut Bar & Grill pays homage to the original and aspirational New York dining experience, the “steakhouse.”

But why New Jersey? Is there something Bergen County has that this restaurant entrepreneurs can’t resist? Without a doubt, the answer is yes! Representative and Marketing Director Angela Russo of the American Cut Bar & Grill revealed in a press release that John Meadow, Founder/President of LDV Hospitality, said, “the restaurant will offer an approachable menu with a unique a modern take on classic American dishes in a contemporary, casual ambience, reminiscent of Art Deco fused with a bit of rock & roll.” It continued on saying that, “We (American Cut Bar & Grill) are excited to open this new concept in Englewood Cliffs and look forward to becoming a part of Bergen County’s dynamic culture.”

Without any debate, we decided to step out and explore the fine culinary mastermind that was waiting outside our door! Not only did the American Cut Bar & Grill host a wonderful opening event collaborating with the Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce and iPic Theater Director Jim Nowicki, the restaurant arranged a sampling of their decadent foods and endless samples to try.

Mouth-watering Foods That Will Leave You Speechless

Given the opportunity to try such mouth-watering dishes, food reviewers could never say no! American Cut Bar & Grill went full force in showcasing their culinary skills and providing us some flavorful, one of a kind dishes. A list of items American Cut Bar & Grill chefs can be found usually preparing include Tuna Tartare, 1924 OG Caesar Salad, Chili Prawns, Porterhouse Steak and (a personal favorite) Chef Kristen’s Cake of the Day.

The first dish we laid eyes upon were the delicious, warm multi-grain buns with an in-house specialty cream cheese that glides right on. It accented the 1924 OG Caesar Salad perfectly as they chopped up each individual piece of egg, lettuce, and croutons into one wonderful blend. Refreshing and filling!

Soon after, the Tuna Tartare made an appearance on our table and without a doubt it was transcending. The fresh cold taste of tuna against one’s tongue is purely a feeling of being on cloud nine. It was refreshing yet salty and the light, crispy fried sheet of dough alongside it was a remarkable pairing. Afterwards the Chili Prawns with garlic bread made way with a giant medium-rare Porterhouse Steak following behind it.

The Porterhouse steak was lean, well-cooked and charred around the edges while still maintaining that lively, fresh and red center. The steak is no joke, as the size is huge enough to make one’s appetite soar with excitement but not overwhelm you to the point of questioning the space in your stomach. However, the reward for best dish has to go to the Chili Prawns– and here is why.

The prawns were perfect. The strong outer shell, bright color and flavorful taste shows signs of them being healthy, strong prawns that were well picked from the bunch, not just from any ol’ local market. The chili sauce in which they bathed in coating them well without being overwhelming to the original seafood taste. Plus the added satisfaction of dipping toasty, warm garlic bread into the remaining sauce is a guilty pleasure that will have you probably licking the plate no matter who is watching.

Don’t let these few savory dishes stop you, as dessert is another story! Chef Kristen’s cake of the day is a force to be reckoned with. Towering higher than a glass of wine (and yes, they serve some fine aged wine!), these three-layered cakes come in an array of wonderful flavors such as Strawberry Cream or Chocolate Mocha. The cakes can be purchased by the slice or as a whole and can even be ordered out for a starting price of around $50.

The Heart of The Kitchen

It goes without saying after attempting to fulfill our appetites, we couldn’t go on any longer. The food was more than filling and definitely left a memorable taste in our mouths that would have any foodie craving it again the next day. The rich wines, well-crafted steaks, beautifully decorated appetizers and jaw-dropping cakes will effortlessly turn you into a regular coming back for more.

Who is to thank for such wonderful creations? That’ll be their renowned crew of chefs, of course! However, Executive Chef Anthony Russo is the genius behind their newly updated menu.

After graduating in 1993 with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts, Anthony went on to work with top culinary icons such as David Burke, Michael Meehan, Sam Hazen and Todd English. Anthony has gone on to run various restaurants and platinum resorts all along the eastern seaboard.

In 2009, Anthony joined LDV Hospitality with the position of Executive Chef at Lugo Cucina Italiana. Here, celebrities ranging from sports figures, stage and screen actors, government officials and celebrity chefs stop in to enjoy some of his signature dishes, including his now famous Crispy Pork Shank and Meatballs!

Luckily for us, Anthony features signature dishes found on the original ‘American Cut’ menu along with a selection of lighter fare, including salads, grilled fish and a dedicated raw bar section. The Bar & Grill also serves an approachable lunch menu, including the famous “in-house” burger that’s not to be missed!

An Atmosphere for The Rich and Famous

But it isn’t just any run of the mill, indoor steakhouse- American Cut Bar & Grill knows summer is the time for a good steak on the grill, and what better way to dig in then under the warm embrace of the sun on their beautiful outdoor patio.

The stylish outdoor seating offers an alluring ambiance in order to enjoy the beautiful open-space. The design is quite modern as patio pavers set in stone dust create a sleek, finished look and spans the split level area with elongated bench-like seating with various sized tables for seating with wide umbrellas. Not only that, the patie is also all landscaped with evergreens to add an intimate outdoor setting. Not to mention a real fire pit centered in the patio to keep the bugs away and the night going!

To top it all off, the restaurant presents Friday night live music, special weekly and monthly events, and is even available for private parties, corporate events and celebrations that can be held either on the patio or in a private room on their 2nd floor.

A Restaurant Just Right For Bergen

Overall, if you are looking for a place that offers the modern day glitz and glamour of fine dining, without a pretentious atmosphere and over the top menu prices, American Cut Bar & Grill is serving things up just right. It comes as no surprise since the restaurant has been dominating the culinary scene for some time now.

With some extraordinary chefs in their kitchen, savory menu options and outstanding service, American Cut Bar & Grill is a sure fire stop for any steak-lover, or restaurant enthusiast, in the Bergen County area. Take a load off and dine with the rest of us in Englewood Cliffs.

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A new and classy interior made just for the Englewood Cliffs location

Delicious steaks and savory sides

A wide variety of drinks accompany this one of a kind menu.

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