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Kid’s Choice- The Restaurants Right For Them

No matter what, families know when it is time to dine (especially eating out) it can be quite a challenge finding a place that offers a kid friendly atmosphere- let alone a suitable menu for your possibly ‘picky’ eater!    

Don’t let these troubles stop you from eating out and having a great time any longer with these kid favorites.  Going kid friendly doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are plenty of creative restaurants that are serving up something fun, delicious and with a smile, all here in New Jersey!

Medieval TimesLyndhurst, NJ

Why is it great for kids?

It’s true that a time machine hasn’t been invented yet (as far as we know) but, right in Lyndhurst, NJ, we have the next best thing– “The Medieval Times!”

This experience takes the idea of dinner and entertainment to the next level, bringing you back in time to the idealistic Medieval era. It’s recommended to buy tickets online, but once you get there seating is based on first come first serve. After walking through the gift store, which holds many tempting souvenirs, you soon enter the arena. Like any Medieval event, you end up choosing a knight to cheer on while enjoying the various options and coveted, generous four-course meal that is fit for a king! Not feeling that meat on a stick? You’re in luck as there are even vegetarian options. Talk about catering to your everyday, modern king and queen.

While the kids are enthralled with their chosen knight becoming champions of the battlefield, parents can enjoy the captivating show with one of the many spirits or beers made available. Just try not to test your witchcraft and wizardry just yet!

The Overall Experience? Not only is the food pretty tasty, but it is simply an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Something that will surely stand the tests of time.

Country Pancake House – Ridgewood NJ

Why is it great for kids?

What’s better than getting the whole family together on Sunday morning and getting some deliciously, sweet pancakes? Nothing else, that’s what, because that is exactly what the Country Pancake House wants you to do. The weekends are meant for you to indulge in something you love, and what better way than with a sweet morning with even sweeter treats?

The Country Pancake House in Ridgewood offers an extensive amount of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right pancake.

Along with the classic buttermilk, chocolate chip, and banana, the flavors get more advanced or tamed for the ‘picky eaters’ out there.

The Country Pancake House don’t lack in creativity either as they whip up some unique options for the more adventurous diners. One of these fine creations includes the ‘Enzyme Special,’ which includes papaya and pineapple! Talk about the paradise lost!

If that doesn’t get you jumping out of your seat, then don’t worry, we are positive the restaurant’s outstanding 112 pancake options will surely meet your needs. Not feeling pancakes this sunny Sunday? Not to worry, the tasty breakfast getaway also excels in making over 25 French Toast options and 50 waffle options. Variety is truly the spice of life here!

Of course they also offer a number of omelets and possess an extensive lunch/dinner menu, making any time of the day just right for this fine dining experience.

The Overall Experience? For kids that are bored with the same old breakfast, this is definitely the place for them to try something new. Reading off the menu alone will create fun conversations for the family as you all gather and jabber about the unique choices.

Baumgart’s Ice-Cream – Edgewater

Why is it great for kids?

The restaurant offers a real retro-styled atmosphere as it sends parents back to a familiar place and children deep into the past. It is a family run business with a friendly attitude that caters to patrons of all ages.

From diner styled seating, mixed with modern tastes, Baumgart’s Café is a major local hotspot. The menu includes some popular choices that dabble in both Chinese cuisine such as Sweet & Sour Pork and Beef & Broccoli, alongside American classic combos such as a Cheeseburger with fries and a malt shake.

Not only is it a fusion savvy place, the Chinese American inspired restaurant offers up some wonderful dishes. However, it is renowned by locals for their homemade ice-cream treats!

The wonderful flavors include Espresso Coffee, Black Raspberry, and some classics such as Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, Fruit Sherbet, Minted Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, and Pistachio.

Don’t let the ice-cream be your only dessert of choice. Baumgart’s Café excels in various homemade desserts such as cakes, shakes, pies, and special flavors of the week.

The Overall Experience? A great place for the summer season. With delicious ice-cream flavors in abundance, kids will always have their sweet tooth satisfied. The unique mixture of Chinese American fusion dishes also offers more variety and a chance for children to explore some new food territory.

The Melting Pot – Westwood, NJ

Why is it great for kids?

Just like the name suggests, The Melting Pot out beats the classic saying of ‘don’t play with your food’. Offering an arrangement of foods begging to be dipped, this fine restaurant caters to every type of appetite.

From savory pieces such as chicken and more to dip in your cheese fondue to delectable sweets and fruits to pair with chocolate- the possibilities are endless. Like a fun twist on Max Brenner’s chocolate fondue, The Melting Pot will have kids over joyed as they try dipping strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, graham crackers and customizing their own unique treats in a fountain of chocolate.

But the interactive food isn’t the only part winning kids over. Friday night becomes a night of magic as weekly, performer “Magic Mike” Kirschner captivates the whole family. Kirschner is an award-winning illusionist, who performs tableside magic on during the magic hours of 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Now kids have a reason to hit the town on Friday nights.

The Overall Experience: A lovely time to get your hands dirty with mouth-watering sweets married with chocolate and hardy dishes with melted cheese. The restaurant will surely keep your kid’s appetites satisfied and the magic act promises a night of entertainment for the whole family.

BCD Tofu House– Fort Lee, NJ

Why is it great for kids?

Getting children to eat healthily is not always easy, but BCD Tofu House makes it simple. The atmosphere is tranquil and refined, which makes it a great place to introduce your children to fine dining.

Not only is the atmosphere remarkable, but the chefs prepare some interesting, authentic Korean dishes for their menu. Tofu is rather bland, unlike spinach, and easy to convince your children to eat when it is surrounded by delicious flavors of savory beef, zesty chicken, flavorful broths, and fresh vegetables.

For families that may be vegetarian, the menu options aren’t limited. BCD Tofu House offers various soups and tofu stews that cater to your health needs. With food as fresh as the earth, your family can dine happily and indulge a new cultural experience.

There is another award-winning reason, aside from the food. that makes BCD Tofu House a stellar stop for parents and kids. This restaurant offers a state of the art day-care, right inside the facility. The daycare is filled with toys, reading materials, TVs, and all padded and safe for playing or taking that much needed afternoon nap in. Not only that, there is a CCTV display about the center wall, so you can keep a watchful eye on your kids while you dine.

The Overall Experience- Dining is made simple with the BCD Tofu House. From charming aesthetics, a multitude of delectable Korean/Vegan-friendly dishes, to even housing a daycare- this restaurant knows what kids, and parents, need.

Edward Leary

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