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If you’re looking to order fresh home made food from home chefs near you, Mom & I Today has a great recommendation: Eat Wood Spoon!

Wood Spoon

As millions of people found themselves at quarantine in times of corona virus, home cooking is having a huge surge. The kitchen is the grand central of every household, and now that people have more time at home, culinary innovation is running wild.

But sometimes even the most skilled home cooks need a break, after all, who enjoys preparing 3 meals a day, every day? And the kitchen is not only where breakfast, lunch and dinner happens. The kitchen became a war zone, with home schooling, games, coloring, arts projects, and the most important family conversations. Kitchen cleaning is also at an all-time high.

That’s s when Mom and I Today discovered Eat Wood Spoon, a service that connects you to home chefs near you, preparing and delivering some fantastic meals. Using the concept of the “gig economy”, Wood Spoon is a community based, two-sided online platform that facilitates the process of ordering homemade food from local cooks. Most importantly, you have the chance to diversity the cuisine you’ll be eating as they recruit chefs from different cultures. The food goes from the chef’s kitchen to your kitchen through the sheer magic of an app service.

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