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Seak: A Southeast Asian Paradise

A heartwarming bowl of red curry, a plate of fresh spring rolls, a sweet assortment of bubble teas. All these mouthwatering items can be found at Seak, a Thai-Viet restaurant located in Edgewater, New Jersey. Whether you’re seeking some spice in your life or looking to sink your teeth into some sweet goodness, one thing is for sure- Seak Restaurant knows how to deliver. Maybe you’re feeling some Vietnamese comfort foods like Pho or Bahn-mi. Maybe you’re feeling some Thai and up for trying their Yellow, Red, or Green Curry(The Green Curry is the spiciest). Once you’ve chowed down on your meal, you cannot forget to try their rich desserts like the Peanut Butter Explosion or the Coconut Banana Tempura.

The restaurant is social-distance friendly with its large layout to allow your group some well-needed space and privacy. The atmosphere was warm and lively, just what you need while the weather is still chilly. In the coming warmer months, you can also opt for a spectacular outdoor experience out on the patio, viewing the NYC skyline.

This gem tucked in the boroughs of Edgewater was just what I needed in the midst of this pandemic. A moment of relief from my worries and enjoy some hearty Southeast Asian cuisine. So seek no more, Seak is exactly the place you’ve been looking for. Come grab a seat and enjoy!





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