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Wild Pink Cafe- The Pink Pearl of Palisades Park

Wild Pink Cafe

How do you stand out in the vast sea of cafes and restaurants? It seems like Wild Pink has got the answer to that question all figured out. This pink pearl is a new cafe on the block located in the heart of Palisades Park, NJ. Fun and young, Wild Pink Cafe brings us something fresh with its strawberry matcha concept.

“I had an idea of a cafe concept that was new to this neighborhood,” Says Min Hong, the owner of this one-man shop. After spending many years in the restaurant industry, Min Hong was considering pivoting to start his own cafe. “I had an idea of a strawberry matcha concept that would be unique to this area.”

The cafe’s interior design does an impeccable job of making this concept clear from the moment you walk in the door. Pink walls, emerald-green cushioned seats, Pinterest-worthy paintings and plant decor, and a bold floral wall with the neon sign “Stay Wild.” It’s like stepping into every Instagrammer’s dream. One look and it’s easy to tell that this cafe brings something different from all the other cafes in Palisades Park.

As if its trendy interior wasn’t already impressive enough, Wild Pink Cafe also has on deck two adorable pink photobooths for you to take pictures with your friends. Two copies are $5 and it comes with a QR code to download the images as well as the video recordings of you and your friends posing.

While the visuals are strong, I had to make sure items were also up to par. The two drinks I tried were the strawberry latte and matcha latte. The strawberry latte instantly stole my heart because of its pastel pink color. Much like the popular Korean strawberry milk, this latte consisted of freshly mashed strawberries soaked in sugar then topped with milk. It had a sweet and fresh taste that is perfect for the warmer months. 

A nice divergence from the sweet strawberry latte was the mellower matcha latte. Matcha drinks can be hit or miss sometimes. Not enough sugar and the drink is too bitter, but too much sugar will mask the rich earthiness of the matcha taste. This drink struck a good balance of being just sweet enough to enjoy the matcha flavor without it being overpowering. While the strawberry latte is a drink I would buy on special occasions, I can picture myself buying this drink on a regular basis.

My trip would not be complete without having a bite of Wild Pink’s egg bread. A popular street vendor food in Korea, egg bread is a sweet, oval-shaped loaf that contains a whole egg inside. The flavors I tried at Wild Pink were bacon and corn, but the cafe also had other flavors like sausage, cheese, and original. To be honest, I was hesitant to try them at first since I am not an egg lover, but even I was able to find delight in this petite treat. The bread was the perfect size for you to try different flavors without feeling guilty about overeating afterward. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of a slightly sweeter bread with savory ingredients. My personal favorite was the bacon egg bread because of the crunch that the bacon added to the soft bread.

If you’re looking for something new, Wild Pink brings a young, fresh vibe that sets it apart from other established cafes in the area. Whether it’s for a new cute photo or a good time with friends, pay a visit and give newly opened Wild Pink some love!


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