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Cyclebar Interview

“Ride or Die” is the slogan you will start to live by after visiting Cyclebar, the newest establishment at the Hudson Lights in Fort Lee. With enthusiastic instructors, an amazing facility and revolutionary exercise routine, the Cyclebar is not your ordinary spin/cycling class.

We visited the Fort Lee location on a Saturday afternoon during one of their many themed rides and fundraising events – with our ride being a Super Bowl theme. During the month of February, Cyclebar raised awareness for the American Heart Association. Local businesses and fellow philanthropists came to show their support by offering their products for sale in the main lobby of Cyclebar with their proceeds being donated to the American Heart Association that day.   

We met with Executive Lead Instructor and Co Owner Marisa Kochnover who provided us a few more details about the Cyclebar and their goal for our community.

Can you tell us the mission of Cyclebar and what residents of Fort Lee Can expect?

“The Cyclebar is meant for people of all ages who are looking to stay fit. The instructors cater to every individual rider’s needs and the group activities make it interactive, fun and keep you encouraged to push yourself. The Hudson lights is one of many great locations to help us get involved with this new community.” Believe it or not, Cyclebar has already made a huge name for itself among local exercise-enthusiasts.

The classes aren’t just something you see women doing on TV. The location was filled with the average joe to the muscular jock you’d find at the gym. “Many people are surprised I (Marisa) only cycle to maintain my physique. However, our trainers highly recommend you go at your own pace and will teach you how to gradually build up and push yourself from there.”

What are some of the other perks of the Cyclebar?

“We have Shop & Spin on the weekends. It’s a great opportunity to have local businesses get exposure while also giving back. A portion of sales will always go back to charity or a cause.”

To our surprise, Cyclebar offers a lot more services than just a unique exercise regimen. Members can experience ‘CyclePerks,’ which allows riders access to some exclusive products.

Some perks included;

-Juice Journey Cafe

-Lululemon Garden State Plaza

-The Alementary


-iPic Theaters

“CyclePerks is a loyalty incentive for CycleBar Riders. CyclePerks is an offer, product sample, or service that is given to our riders by local community partners on a regular basis.” From energy bars and drinks to custom athletic gear and water bottles – Cyclebar offers top quality items!

Can you tell us about the unique equipment here?

“We actually utilize special shoes that enhance your riding experience – Bontrager shoes that have Delta clips on them. We have triple link pedals on the bikes that can accommodate both an SPD and a delta clip, which helps with maintaining speed and keeps you balanced.”

Getting on the bike as a breeze, but finishing the class was the real challenge. “Within the first 15 minutes, I was out of breath and questioning how healthy I actually was,” said rider Jacob S. However, the instructors reassured newcomers that it isn’t because people are unhealthy, but because it is such a unique and rigorous exercise. “Don’t be reluctant to try just because it seems like a bit of a tough experience,” continued Jacob S. w


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