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Holy Name My Saving Grace

Health is an important part of everyone’s lives. We just want to live life to the fullest but be safe while doing it, too. Although some may say that laughter is the best medicine, when it comes to the best healthcare, the Holy Name Medical Center of Teaneck offers up more than a simple visit to the doctor– it is a relationship and personalized healing process.

The Holy Name Medical Center has an outstanding history as it was built in 1925 and founded upon the dreams of two wonderful surgeons who, under the leadership of a Catholic-affiliated sister, were looking to bring peace, comfort and tranquility to all patients through health care.

Healing Begins Here

During our time visiting the modern and well-equipped hospital, we were able to speak with some of the directors, health care providers and representatives of Holy Name Medical Center. From the state of the art equipment, extensive services, unique Korean-American Medical Program and their reliable staff and facility, Holy Name is becoming more like a friend than just any other hospital in Bergen County.

Kang, a representative of the Holy Name Medical Group, spoke with us and gave us a high-profile overview of Holy Name Medical Center– from their goals, current success, and also future evolution in healthcare. Kang, in a nutshell, explained to us that, “We [Holy Name] are a community of caregivers committed to a ministry of healing, embracing the tradition of Catholic principles, the pursuit of professional excellence and conscientious stewardship. We help our community achieve the highest attainable level of health through prevention, education, and treatment.

After learning more about their origin and pursuit we wanted to further reveal how their services are thoroughly giving back to the community and what Holy Name had to offer to their beloved patients.

Breaking Barriers One Patient At A Time

Through Kang, we were able to create a connection with Kyung-Hee Choi, Founder and Vice President of the prestigious Korean Medical Program at Holy Name. Choi revealed to us more than the ins and outs of Holy Name but what it means to be a leader of health care.

What does the Holy Name Medical Center offer to patients that makes it so revolutionary?

“The facilities are top of the line and we do our best to accommodate each patient properly.”

With even more details, we continued to discover all the various medical practices, equipment and care services Holy Name established and provide day in and day out. “Holy Name Medical Center is a comprehensive, 361-bed acute care facility providing technologically advanced and leading edge care across all platforms; education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and wellness maintenance.”

However, don’t let that be the only aspect to persuade any patient when choosing medical facilities. As previously mentioned, there is one key factor that makes a difference in the service Holy Name Medical Center proudly provides.

“Holy Name is also home to nearly 1,000 physicians, representing dozens of medical specialties, who each provide personal attention in a culturally-sensitive environment, which I believe is our key difference! We work hard in creating an exceptional healthcare experience for every patient.”

Thriving on Diversity

Although all aspects of the Medical Center are astonishing, our curiosity lied in the fully developed Korean-AmericanMedical Program established in 2008. Vice President Kyung Hee Choi continues to provide extensive information on the Asian Medical Care programs and services that are made available to the people of Bergen County. More ethnic programs such as the Spanish Outreach program have even been created.

Why was this program developed and what is the main objective?

“The Korean Medical Program (KMP) was developed to address the gaps in language and culturally appropriate health care services of the Korean-American population in the greater New York and New Jersey area.”

As expected, the program created a huge impact on the Korean-American community that can be found dominating the Bergen County area.

What differences has the medical center seen made in the community- how is it impacting the people?

“Since its inception, the Korean Medical Program has actively provided medical care, resources, educational lectures, language services, and community outreach programs to more than 45,000 Korean-American people each year. The number of annual patient visits to Holy Name and the KMP’s satellite locations in Closter and Englewood Cliffs has more than doubled over the program’s first year!”

Why Choose Holy Name?

But that is not the only impact that this innovative program had on the community. It even created a wonderful change in the Medical Center’s facilities and doctors involved in the program.

When people make a difference to the world, a difference can be found within ourselves. What changes has the Medical Center experienced over the years?

“When it started, the KMP had 35 Korean-American physicians, seven staff members, and a handful of volunteers. Today, 85 doctors, including primary care physicians and doctors who specialize in cardiology, liver disease, oncology, endocrinology, and other disciplines treat thousands of patients. Another exciting aspect is the number of volunteers we receive each year. Over hundreds of volunteers now assist our dedicated staff!”

Just like the KMP, the hospital is attuned with all people of different backgrounds, progressing the help needed in Spanish communities, Filipino, Chinese, and more.The overwhelming success and expansion of programs like the KMP is a promise the medical center makes to fulfill the ongoing needs of these growing communities.

Korean Americans from much greater distances throughout the tri-state area seek care at Holy Name because of the patient-centric focus on linguistically and culturally sensitive health care services and Holy Name Medical Center wants to further their outreach as they continue helping families with language and cultural barriers. The program’s Korean-friendly customer service and amenities drawn directly from cultural traditions have made Holy Name the Korean community’s hospital of choice.

The Road To Recovery

Now we all know that the Medical Center offers an assortment of health options, providing care in specific ailments such as Cancer, Diabetes, Liver Failure, Cardiovascular, Radiology, Sleeping aids, Medical Rehabilitation, Home Care and Hospice as well as Women’s and Children’s specific care centers. However, one of the most impressive programs is the Cancer Support Groups, alongside various other support groups. While it is great in numbers, we found the quality in each support group is what genuinely makes them shine.

Can you tell us about your influential support groups and how they benefit patients?

“Health isn’t just a physical problem- it is emotionally based, too. The Cancer Support Group is for both current cancer patients and cancer survivors. It offers participants the opportunity to share their personal experiences and grow together while obtaining advice from special experts.”

Other groups such as this include the Diabetes Support Group, Liver Health Support Group, Mental Health Campaign and General Health Classes. The Cancer Support Group meets every other month on the first Friday of the month.

Thinking about getting more active and involved with the community of doctors, patients and members around you? Then this is the place to do it. Each year the Holy Name Medical Center offers a wonderful event called the ‘Mom Walk’ in which participants gather for a day of festivities (and walking, of course) to showcase their influential care, concern and progression towards saving lives and fighting cancer.

But what exactly makes the ‘Mom Walk’ so unique?

“The “Walk for Mom” Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is an important initiative to improve awareness among Korean-American women, and all women in general, about maintaining good breast health. The campaign focuses on encouraging women to follow guidelines for routine self-examination, annual mammography and clinical examination.”

But the magic doesn’t end there…

Aside from awareness, what other services are you offering women in our community through the ‘Mom Walk’?

“The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has adopted an ambitious goal of creating a specific fund to provide free mammography services to uninsured low-income Korean-American women. The Campaign supports breast cancer education and research programs for Korean-American women as well. Small events like these evolve and become global, impactful moments that not only further one community but help all women who may suffer from breast cancer.”

More Than A Hospital– It’s A Relationship

As Holy Name celebrates 90 years of caring and treatment, increasing patient demand continues to accelerate Holy Name’s growth, leading to more major expansions and projects in the near future. To this day the Medical Center is still sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and remains committed to a ministry of healing. It continues to take innovative steps to remain a fully accredited,dynamic medical center by implementing advanced technologies and best practices in patient care, facilities management and emergency preparedness.

Without a doubt, The Holy Name Medical Center is leaving its mark on the hearts of people everywhere. Not only has it founded a beautiful legacy, but it has also founded a place in Teaneck that people can look to as a second home when in need of all levels of help and support. Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time returning patient, Holy Name will always be a shoulder to lean on.


Edward Leary

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