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Rose Petrillo: All in your face


Rose Petrillo : It all In Your Face 


 You ‘re tired of quarantining and decided it’s time to give a little attention to self-care. Maybe it’s time to start exercising at home. Or you’re tired of the same daily routine of working from home and letting everything about yourself fall apart. And could be, you’re not totally sure how to make a change. 

The effects of quarantine can be seen in all aspects of our lives. Our hair is growing longer, our nails undone, our fashion down the drain and our skin with pimples. I laugh every time I see Mona Lisa and her stages of Quarantine on the Internet.  

 Embracing plain, unsophisticated remote work, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I was looking just like her!  

 Looking for a sense of retreat, I found Rose Petrillo, an aesthetician with a passion for skin care. She is reinventing herself to offer a truly unmatched modern and effective face treatment and routine care. With a background in fashion (and a fashion degree from FIT) she was longing for change; for something bigger, something deeper, something that helps people from the inside out. 

 Feeling a little disoriented career wise, she enrolled at the New York School of Aesthetics upon the advice of a friend, and surprisingly fell in love with the subject.  

 “I felt like I was back in college. It was really intense. You learn about the human body, and that skin care is a lot more than just your face. it has everything to do with what you eat, what you do, your habits and lifestyle”, explained Petrillo.  

 The new education sprouted into a new business venture. Without much professional experience, in roughly one month she put a business plan together. “I hired a lawyer to help me create the business. I had to learn everything: taxes, licenses, permits, sanitation, excel spread sheets—everything”. 

 In July 2019 she opened her first studio – a warm and inviting space in Norwalk, CT. The space is  is calm, serene and relaxing; self-care is the name of the game.  

 She offers an exclusive experience, examining your skin with the precision of a surgeon and wants to know about your lifestyle and goals. The face is the most visible part of us. We need to apply maintenance every single day. And it doesn’t take much time at all. A quick massage, a toner, and a cream or two is all it takes.  

 Rose welcomes clients of all kinds – male, female, and anywhere in between. “There is a certain taboo that men don’t take care of their skin” Rose said, but her studio is pushing forward culture change as more and more men are discovering the splendor of skin care.  

 “20% of skin care is what we do here in the studio together, and 80% is what you do at home, every day.” Rose says. Skin care, like exercise, sleep, and diet, ought to be added to the list of respected daily rituals.  

 Her Instagram is full of tips and videos. Rose has a substantiated tale about facial massage that conveys the true benefit of the practice: two minutes, twice a day and wrinkle prevention is highly activated by stimulating collagen and blood circulation in the face. This video posted on May 31st 2020 is a great lesson on the subject.  

 Petrillo showcases her enthusiasm by posting videos, photos, tips, massages, and most importantly, she provides incredible service one-on-one.  

 Of course, many people aren’t considering the luxury of skin care during these times of pandemic. But I hope this article can spark dreams and plans for the day that you will consider it, as an affordable luxury.  

 This is the kind of experience that I love to incorporate into my life. I can’t speak for others, but I often talk too much about exercise, yoga, healthy eating, diet and sleep— leaving skin care untouched. A visit to an aesthetician is now added to the list.   

 If you live in the Connecticut area and would like to reach out to Rose Petrillo, visit 

  If you live in the New Jersey area, you can find similar services at 

 If you live in the New York area, you can find similar services at 


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