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Loving Life in New Jersey With Chen Agency

While the quality of life in New Jersey is like no other, if you plan on searching for the perfect town and owning a home that will have the neighbors talking for centuries, you need the right helping hand- a realtor.

Chen Agency, which is currently run by Nelson Chen, has been around for more than a while and has been catering to New Jersey residents left and right. With Chen having his real estate license since the age of 18, he has maintained a powerful presence in the real estate market, currently serving his 10th term as President of the NJMLS, a multi-million dollar non-profit corporation that serves all of Bergen County and its surrounding areas.

Luckily for us, and our readers, Chen effortlessly unveiled just what makes Bergen County such a suburban paradise and the secret art of home buying!

Why Choose Bergen County? Our Top Reasons


As expected there are many reasons why people are choosing to become a part of Bergen County.

According to Nelson Chen, “The proximity to Manhattan and other work destinations in both New York and New Jersey puts Bergen County in a strategic location.” Not only that, but transportation is quite a big deal in the county, offering a plethora of options at fairly cheap rates. Some of the typical methods of commuting include NJ Transit buses (with some operating for almost 24 hours), Hudson River Ferry, The Light Rail and of course taxi services, which offer extremely low competitive pricing. Chen also chimed in that, “Driving to work is also made simple due to the vast amount of highway connections.”


Chen continued elaborating why Bergen County is becoming the coveted place for residents state wide. “We have excellent school systems, both public and private.” From extraordinary schools like Bergen Tech and other private academies, the education system is known for being diverse and flawless.


“Our shopping/entertainment/lifestyle options are endless.  From our local town-by-town ‘Main Streets’ to our regional shopping malls such as Paramus Park, Bergen Outlets and Garden State Plaza… we literally have it all.”

Natural Beauty

“There is a reason we are known as the ‘Garden State.’  It’s beautiful here,” said Chen. “Our parks by the Bergen Line, recreational areas at Teaneck Reservation Center and access to the Hudson Riverfront for exercise, stellar views, historic landmarks and even wedding pictorials, offer residents a break from the hectic nature of city living.” All while not being too far from it.

Wholesomely, Chen sums everything up by stating, “Why someone chooses Bergen County boils down to a personal balance of priorities.” Chen strongly reiterates that, “In turn all these previously mentioned factors affect the price of the homes.”

Your Dream Home Exists! But Where?

When it came to unearthing the county hot spots Chen revealed that, “The Hudson River Gold Coast spanning Bergen and Hudson Counties is hot right now.  This area provides a much more affordable alternative to Manhattan yet has such easy access into New York City.”

But that is not all, “In addition the Gold Coast provides a quality of life that is hard to match – beautiful scenery, abundant and convenient shopping, easy access to the entire metro area and wonderful housing options.” Bergenites love to shop and the Gold Coast sounds more like a paradise lost than any old luxury apartment complex.

However, we still want to know what other hot spots are out there? I mean– is there really only one? To our relief, Chen declared there are many more! “Jersey City has boomed over the past two years primarily due to its transportation assets.  With PATH and ferry service, getting into the city is quick and easy.  In addition neighborhood restaurants and stores have created that ‘Hoboken’ atmosphere that so many are looking for.”

But don’t just stop there! The delightful, Japanese dominated neighborhood of Edgewater is next on the list of towns taking the hearts of newcomers and home buyers in New Jersey. “Edgewater is also a particularly strong destination.  Even though there is no PATH service here, NJ Transit and ferry service are still relatively easy ways to get into New York.”

Edgewater also features various unique dining experiences such as with the Mitsuwa Mall and other Japanese fusion foods. Towns that welcome in diverse establishment such as these become an exciting addition to a popular town here in New Jersey.

“The school system is the big draw – a premier kindergarten through 6th grade system attracts families like no other town along the Gold Coast.  Add to that Edgewater’s incredibly low property taxes as well as a mecca of shopping and you can see why this town has prospered.” No kidding!

Last, but certainly not least, is the home of Chen Agency– Fort Lee! “Fort Lee is the town to watch! Despite being blessed with the most ideal geographic location, Fort Lee became a bit of a sleeper town over the past decade with people complaining that ‘there’s nothing to do here.’  Well that’s about to change in a big way.  The re-development of downtown including The Modern, Hudson Lights, iPic Theater, and a newly invigorated Main Street have brought new life to this town.”

Aside from the new, Fort Lee maintains a lot of the old through its rich museums, parks, cafes and other historic landmarks. Chen furthered our interest by stating that, “People are already re-discovering Fort Lee’s many assets including a premier school system, stable property taxes and a rich ethnic diversity.”

Now there is a major secret that Chen Agency revealed strictly to us, “Homeowners should consider three main topics when starting a home search…”

The 3 Step Plan To Success

“First, what is your commute going to be like?  Are you driving to work, or taking public transportation?  What’s your tolerance for how long your commute is going to be?” If you know you can’t wake up at 8:00am for work, don’t live an hour away!

“Second, are you concerned with the school system.  Check out the ratings for the public schools and determine which ones will serve your family’s needs the best.  Are you considering private schools?  Where are they located?” Having a kid is tough as it is, don’t make the school a problem, too!

“Third, what kind of housing style are you looking for?  Single family, townhomes, condos, co-ops?  We have such a rich variety of homes in our area, but you need to be realistic about what you can get within your budget.” It is your dream home. You are spending money on it! Don’t make a mistake and invest where it counts!

Home Sweet Home

In the end, Chen had some beautiful parting words for us and our readers that really craved his wondrous advice into our minds like stone!

“I have a mantra that I tell all my clients – ‘You need to love where you live.’  But remember, even love requires compromise.  Buying a house involves balancing many different needs, and making sacrifices for certain things that you really want.  Don’t hold out for perfection, it doesn’t exist.  Do hold out for that feeling… the one that says ‘wow, I really want to live here.’”

So now that you are in the now and ready to become your own realtor (we can only imagine), it is time to be brave and start the meticulous house hunting! Although we can’t work magic like HGTV’s House Hunters, we can promise that Chen Agency will have you settled in and ready for your first housewarming- just bring your own wine!

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