There is a way to look at “medicine” as a more fulfilling lifestyle. With family planning, women exams, gynecology services and even aesthetic services, when you find the right practice, all of that seems like a breeze.

Bergen County GynecologySome conversations can be hard to have, but when you think about family planning for example, the desired number of children and comfortably spacing women’s pregnancy; have you ever discussed  with your doctor any of these issues? Or perhaps, you feel a little embarrassed of that tiny hair on the sideburn, it looks almost like a feather, but it bothers you tremendously. Well, you might want to consider hair removal. Those are some of the services offered at Berger County Gynecology.

Dr. Jennifer Cho

Jennifer E. Cho, MD is a practicing OBGYN in New Jersey.  She is an experienced board-certified physician who will take the time to provide comprehensive medical care for you. She is passionate about giving the best care people deserve. Trained in the top medical facilities in the country, DR. Cho has written numerous articles for publications about a variety of topics including medical issues facing women today, like the ones mentioned above. To have more info visit



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