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Living Large- Luxury Homes of NJ

Title: Living Large- Luxury Homes of NJ

It’s not hard to believe that with it’s beautiful shoreline and close proximity to New York City, New Jersey houses some expensive homes. It is the ideal place to build an expansive estate so you can enjoy a suburban lifestyle next to the city that never sleeps. We are going through the top 10 homes currently on the market that can give you the life of luxury you’ve always wanted -if you can afford it.

Now instead of window shopping and driving around the town, we made it easier for you. Check out this exclusive list of luxury homes that will have you sending in an application to HGTV for a chance to win an extreme home makeover. From lavish pools, kitchens for every culinary wizard, bedrooms like a spa paradise—the beautiful amenities are endless! Let’s not wait and start the grand tour.


  1. The Morales Town House, Hoboken NJ -$3.1 million

If celebrity living is your goal, then this house should be a bargain. Natalie Morales, known for being a news anchor on the ‘Today’ show, recently listed her state of the art, 5-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot Hoboken Town house on the market for $3.1 million dollars.

In early 2002, Morales bought the home uptown with her husband Joseph Rhodes for $1 million. However, after remodeling her home for the ‘Today’ show feature “Better Homes & Garden,” Morales revamped by adding a four-story addition with many contemporary finishes, all while retaining the original curved mahogany staircases and slate fireplace mantels.

According to various new sites and the ‘Today’ feature, the home boasts many attractive features and amenities such as, “The parlor level has 10-foot-3-inch ceilings and dark bamboo floors with a working gas fireplace and modern, open kitchen with heated Brazilian slate floors, with a dining area that overlooks the garden, which has a play area with basketball hoop and retractable netting system, a custom built-in barbecue island with granite countertops, a 42-inch gas grill and a Kalamazoo pizza oven.” Talk about living in the lap of luxury- but that is just the tip of this iceberg.

  1. Marie Major Drive, Alpine NJ, $5.3 million

Located less than an hour way from New York City, this unique home is perfect for the person who wants to live an exciting life. With its cutting edge architecture, it feels almost surreal, even more unbelievable is what lies beyond its walls. This house boasts an extensive collection of foliage specimens and impressive gardens. The various little details such as small bridges and a waterfall only add to the fairy tale atmosphere it gives off.

  1. Mud Pond Trail, Stockholm NJ, $7.9 million

Looking for something a little more traditional? There’s nothing more traditional in the U.S. than good wholesome country living. There has always been a rivalry between country and city living. They both have their benefits and setbacks. City living is exciting -so much to do and with the convenience of it being all in one place! On the other hand, the solitude and simplicity of a country lifestyle gives you that tranquil feeling that helps you relax and escape the hustle of city life. What if you could have both? Located less than an hour away from Manhattan, this 7.9-million-dollar mansion is the ideal retreat for someone who wants the best of both worlds. This secluded property is surrounded by nature and the tasteful architecture and rustic décor, giving you the atmosphere of a cabin in the middle of the woods that got a major upgrade. The estate includes a 22-acre lake, a sandy beach, and even a complete guest cottage!

  1. Closter Dock Rd, Alpine NJ, $15 Million

Are you an aspiring socialite with no intentions to shut yourself out anytime soon? This manor may be a better fit for you. This exquisite estate is minutes away from Manhattan, and nothing less than a masterpiece, boasting a meditation path, Koi pond, and gardens that are fit for a King. With high ceilings and vast rooms, this estate is ideal for hosting large gatherings and huge events! Just a few of the highlighted luxuries of this estate are a pool, tennis courts, a private sauna, and even a guest apartment.

  1. The Stone Mansion, Alpine NJ -$56 million

Not only is this next estate the most expensive mansion on our list (by far), but it is also one of the most expensive houses in the U.S. currently on the market. The Stone Mansion of Alpine is envied by all the aspiring princesses out there. With over 30,000 square feet of pure elegance (most of which is marble flooring and ware wood), this is the ideal spot for fancy brunches and classy balls. This home has pretty much anything you could need to lead a life of sophistication -A sprawling garden, large pool, and a wine cellar to name a few.  Don’t let the traditional, old-timely appearance food you though, this mansion is equipped with several modern luxuries. With your own gym and a private movie theater, you’d never need to leave your house again! On the rare occasion you do however, this mansion is equipped with smart house technology so whether you’re exploring the city or backpacking in Europe, you are able to personally watch over your estate though your smart devices.

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