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New Jersey is known as the home of high-end brands, exclusive shopping centers, like the Garden State Plaza, and various luxury buys. Alongside these wonderful treasures, the real hidden jewel is none other than the Outlets at Bergen Town Center– one of North Jersey’s oldest shopping centers, formerly known as the Bergen Mall.

Reinventing Shopping

When the Bergen Mall began to decline in the 1980s and 90s, it reinvented itself as an outlet mall. In recent years, it has found new life through sought-after outlet and off-price tenants.

It goes without saying that The Outlets at Bergen Town Center is a must stop before entering New York or for any visit to New Jersey. Not only is it a dreamland for shoppers- it provides a family friendly service. In the beginning, The Outlets at Bergen Town Center and Bergen Mall catered to limited luxury brands and consumers alike, making it less populated. Over the years, it reformed to Bergen County’s family oriented appeal and has revamped their style while providing the high-end brands we can’t resist.

The shopping mall has served itself as a great alternative to a shopping experience in the city through its wide selection of stores such as the familiars; Target, Zara, H&M, Century 21, and Marshalls, to the extremely high-class such as Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Macys, Guess, and Givenchy. Shoppers can find a wide variety of bargains all under one roof without the hectic atmosphere of the city. 

Why Do Shoppers Choose Bergen Outlets? 3 Top Reasons

Not only a great place to shop and to eat, the mall is a clean, safe, and family-oriented place to be any time of the week except for Sundays when it’s closed. Don’t let the Blue Labor Laws stop you there!

Organic Dining

The Whole Foods Market and other restaurants are a great place to pick up family groceries and to grab a healthy bite to eat while you’re doing your shopping. However, even more fun can be discovered in the sales and events!  

Sales & Hours

During the Holiday season, the Bergen Mall offers staggering amounts of savings and deals- especially for high brand items. The mall caters to shopper’s needs by extending their hours, especially for Black Friday and New Years sales. Sales include as high as luxury brands offering 50% off the usual prices and other quality designers offering giveaways or gifts with purchases.

Personalized Events For Families, Pets and Holidays

When it comes to themed events, the Bergen Mall offers up something unique for Hanukkah, a Holiday Show Performance by the Maywood Dance Center and even the ever so adorable “Santa Claws” pet photo series.

A God Among Shopping Malls

Urban Edge Properties, the public company that owns the mall, expects to invest as much as $130 million in a 200,000-square-foot addition to The Outlets at Bergen Town Center. The company has been building up the outlets to be the superior mecca it is today. From every brand imaginable, each of these stores keep the customers ranting and raving. Soon it will outshine major tourist spots such as The Mills at Jersey Garden in Newark.

This expansion project would be similar in size to the last renovation and expansion of the mall in 2006, and would increase its size by about 20 percent. The shopping center’s last major renovation was presented to the Paramus Zoning Board of Adjustment and required a number of public hearings before approval was granted in 2006. That renovation added a parking garage disguised behind a new facade intended to look like a row of storefronts.  The project set to include a third retail level over part of the existing shopping center.

The planned revamp would be the latest example of malls responding to pressure to constantly evolve as they face the challenge of online commerce and changing shopping patterns.

Keep on Shopping With Bergen

With the renovations planned for a possible expansion to be larger than 200,000 square feet, and possibly as big as 500,000 square feet , the outlet mall is sure to garner more shoppers and highlight the Bergen county community.

The Outlets at Bergen Town Center is just one of the many remarkable pieces that can be found in Bergen County. Whether you are rolling in the dough or simply need to get some window shopping done, the outlets of Bergen are something you simply can’t pass up.


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